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new function: filter_var

The function filter_var was added to the site.

Additionally the first functions got the chinese description added. The six language should round up the languages on the site.
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new functions: floatval and number_format

2 new functions were added to the site. Enjoy testing floatval and number_format. weiterlesen »

Mathmatic-Section completed

For those of you who want to get in contact with functions-online.com and do not have a facebook account, you can now connect through twitter and follow functionsonline. weiterlesen »

8 new math functions

Yesterday 8 new math functions found its way to functions-online.com. You can now test the following functions:

rounds fractions up. weiterlesen »

charset changed to UTF-8

Functions-online.com is used more and more around the world. Some user commented already, that UTF-8 support is a must for such a site. I figured out some problems with this and blow them out of the script. :-) weiterlesen »

a little rebrush and 5 new array functions

The Layout of the site has changed a little bit. The right column was removed for more room in the “middle”. The results of a function-call are now within a textarea, so copy the content is getting easier. I hope you enjoy the advantages. weiterlesen »