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responsive function testing

I used the holidays to change the layout of functions-online.com from a pure static design over to a responsive one. I hope you enjoy the “new” design and use the site also on devices with a lower screen resolution.

new function strip_tags

new parameters and languages

The functions json_encode and json_decode now have the “new” optional parameter $options. json_decode also got the parameter $depth. weiterlesen »

new function: dns_get_record

Under the URL section of functions-online.com is now a new function available: dns_get_record. weiterlesen »

new languages available

In the last days i started to add 3 more languages to functions-online.com. The description of the functions is now available in italian, japanese and russian. With the update of this 3 new languages, i added to the most functions the chinese translation. For now a bit more than one third is finished.

new functions: idna_encode & idna_decode

The new functions idna_encode and idna_decode are added to the custom section. With these functions you can convert string into and from the IDNA punycode.