responsive function testing

I used the holidays to change the layout of functions-online.com from a pure static design over to a responsive one. I hope you enjoy the “new” design and use the site also on devices with a lower screen resolution.

How to disable Apache redirection with port in combination with Varnish?

If you are using Varnish on Port 80 and Apache on, lets say, port 88, you could run into the problem, that Apache redirects you to the Apache port, while calling a URL that is a folder. weiterlesen »

new function strip_tags

There is a new function on functions-online.com available: strip_tags weiterlesen »

new parameters and languages

The functions json_encode and json_decode now have the “new” optional parameter $options. json_decode also got the parameter $depth. weiterlesen »

Set TTL in Varnish 4

You can set the Varnish ttl in many ways. Some set it with hard values in the vcl some prefer to give the ttl via a header setting with the requested site. To set the ttl in varnish 2 and 3 you could use inline C code like the one below: weiterlesen »

Update zur Generatorensuche

Das letzte Update in dieser Kategorie ist schon länger her, daher mal ein aktueller Stand zu diesem Projekt. Es wird auch sehr aktiv von mir gepflegt und immer wieder optimiert und umgestellt. weiterlesen »