Update: Forecast and UserLanguage

The plugins Forecast and UserLanguage for Piwik was updated today. The changes in detail:


  • fixed Notice: Undefined index: module in /public_html/piwik/plugins/Forecast/Forecast.php on line 47 mentioned by ope in a comment on Forecast: Faster Load


  • added french to the supported languages, thanks to thibaut

The plugins can be downloaded on the Piwik-Plugin page.

1 Kommentar

  • Philipp Klaus meint dazu:
    26.04.2012 20:23,

    Hi Jan, thanks for the plugin. Just one note: The German translation doesn’t display umlauts correctly because the file lang/de.php is not properly encoded in UTF8 (and you should replace the ‘&uuml ;’ statements with the correct ‘ü’.